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Sticky Grill, Now What?

BBQ Grill

There is nothing better than having your friends over for a BBQ in the summer time. The sun is shining bright, the kids are playing, having a great laugh and cooking up a storm, but we all dread the cleaning of our BBQ grill after everyone has left. Sometimes we might leave it for the next day which is a big mistake.

In our blog today we are going to have a look at a few things you can do to make the clean-up easier and keeping your BBQ grill looking shiny and new. Frist thing you should do is clean it the same day you use it. Avoid leaving your BBQ grill dirty because the longer the leftover marinade sits the harder it is to clean it up and might even cause damage to the grid.

Let your BBQ grill cool down until there is a little bit of heat and once it is at the point get an onion and cut it in half and run the onion over the grid, the water in the onion will soak up he grease and let it slide off, you can even do this just before you start cooking it might even give your meat some good flavour.

While you are cooking scrape off any bits and pieces you can see sticking onto the grill, once the bits burn on they can be quite tricky to get off. If you are still struggling to get them off make a vinegar and water solution to spray on after and invest in a good quality wire brush. The acid in the vinegar will break down the oils and it should slide off pretty easily.

Once you have the inside off your BBQ grill gleaming, its time to clean the outside. Washing the outside of your BBQ grill is essential to its longevity. When you are happy with how it’s looking cover up your BBQ grill and keep it in a safe place.

Always remember we are here to come and assist you when your BBQ grill needs a deep clean. Call BBQ & Oven Cleaning Perth today and book your BBQ grill clean.

Now go out there and fire up your BBQ and get the summer rolling!

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